What Kind of Salmon You Can Catch in Alaska

Do you still recall our trip to Alaska in search for salmon? We decided to offer you even some more information on the types of salmon you can find here, since we had the great opportunity to see these magnificent specimens with our own eyes.

King (Chinook) Salmon

Every species of fish has one kind that seems more difficult to catch than others. In Alaska, the least abundant type of salmon you can catch, which is, we don’t know if by accident or not, also the largest. Any angler caring about their pride would not leave Alaska until getting at least one specimen of Chinook Salmon, especially since it is so tasty and it can even weigh 40 pounds!

This one comes in two colors: red and white (no wonder it pretends to be royalty). You can find plenty in commercial fisheries, so you will not leave empty handed, if you have no luck trying to catch one in the wild. As a sport, catching King Salmon is one many people’s list, and you will find plenty of Alaskans who say it is a real challenge to catch one. The good news is that you can catch King Salmon all year round, although the best season is at the beginning of summer.

Coho (Silver) Salmon

In case you have no luck with the King Salmon, you can opt for the second best, which is the Coho Salmon. In Europe, people are only eating this kind of fish as a delicacy, so be really really glad if you manage to get your hands on one of these. The beautiful orange red color of fillets makes for some really appetizing steaks in any Alaskan restaurant. In both streams and marine waters, this fish can be found and catching it is a much appreciated sport in Alaska. In case you want to go for this kind of salmon, we suggest going somewhere between July and November, as this is its peak season.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

We wanted to pick some salmon with really good taste, and we did not go wrong when we decided Sockeye Salmon should be on our trophy list. One specimen can weigh up to 6 pounds and it can grow up to 3 feet long, so you will not be able to miss it, once you have your eyes set on it. Fly fishing is the best method for catching Red Salmon, because this is quite a jumpy fish!

We hope to see you on more fishing adventures!



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