Old members get together

An awesome time was enjoyed by all during the get together event for the old members of Honky Tonk Stampers. Everybody got into their best inline dancing shoes and cowboy get up to stomp the night away with modern inline dancing. Billy Ray Cyrus and his Achy Breaky Heart was still the all-time favorite, with everybody grooving and stomping in line to the catchy tune to show that age was and will never be a hindrance to having a genuinely incredible time on the dance floor with everybody else. Yes, Miley Cyrus sure still has a lot to learn from her papa when it comes to getting everybody dancing on the floor!

Just in case you don’t remember Billy Ray’s hit, hit that large play button!



It seemed like the whole of Louisiana was there, what with the venue jam packed to the rafters and nobody minding how balmy the night got because of all the energetic dancing. Line dancing is truly far from being a thing of the past, as the old timers proved that fine evening. Folks from all over the state of Louisiana lined up and stomped along to the tune of well loved classics as well as new releases.

The sound system blared out Shania Twain’s Any Man of Mine, which showcased plenty of stomping and clapping. Then there was Mel McDaniel’s Louisiana Saturday Night, during which all seats were vacated and moved back to give way to plenty of long weaves, claps and kicks. Or how about the 1994 hit Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd , which invited everyone to wiggle and jiggle? The Tractors’ hit Baby Likes to Rock It had everyone twisting energetically to the beat.



When Tim McGraw’s Indian Outlaw came on, the stomping was accompanied by plenty of jumping, kicking, arm movements, and clapping. Then Good Time by Alan Jackson was accompanied chachaing and shimmying to the fantastic tune. Even the guys themselves didn’t hold back on the shimmying. The Steve Earle classic Copperhead Road had the dancers kicking up their boots and crossing them over, turning and stomping to the catchy beat.

The event also meant there was plenty of barbecuing to feed the ravenous appetites of the perpetually rejuvenated participants. The day was spent fishing to ensure that there was a lot of fish to barbecue during the evening of inline dancing. One of our oldest members named Tom proudly showed off his new fishing reels that he had just gotten for use during the fishing event. Tom was extremely proud, telling everyone how his grandsons helped him find some great deals online and he couldn’t stop bragging about it. In the end he did give us some tips on how to look for fishing gear…fantastic!



We’ll make sure to check out the site he enthusiastically talked about so there’ll be even more fish and larger ones to barbecue the next time we plan to have a get together, which I assure you, will be quite often based on the turnout and the persistent requests from the participants of that highly successful event.

Even the younger generation who came along with the old timers wanted a repeat, so watch out for info on that here. After all, there’s nothing quite like inline dancing to give you health and fitness, help you gain self-confidence, let you make fast friends that can last a lifetime, and help you lose extra weight through a fun exercise activity even when you don’t come with a partner. Inline dancing also lets your brain get a fantastic workout too, since as you progress from the most basic steps to the most complex ones, you have to work that memory to remember the next steps. Awesomely exciting and definitely never a dull moment!



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