Fishing in Texas, an opportunity you should look into

Last month some of the club members had an amazing fishing adventure in the state of Texas and they shared some of their stories with us. They were particularly impressed with the welcome they got from the locals and they confirmed southern hospitality is still the best kind. Here are some of the best advice they could provide for planning a fishing trip to Texas.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes fishing. With 15 major rivers and 3,700 named streams meandering through 191,000 miles of the Texas landscape, you can enjoy the huge aquatic ecosystems that play a huge role in preventing erosion, protecting the water quality and supplying the habitat and nutrients that both fish and wildlife need for survival. The water that finds its way to 7 different major estuaries supports numerous wetland, riparian habitats, more than 212 reservoirs along with countless terrestrial areas. Millions of native Texans and visitors from around the globe converge in Texas for its excellent recreational opportunities provided by Texas rivers and streams.

Enjoy awesome fishing trips for men and women, both young and old alike. Have a blast of a day in the open waters off the coast of Texas and be prepared to surprise even yourself with trophy catches of flounder, black drum, snapper, redfish, trout and many more. Keep in mind that no matter which Texas river you go to with your group, it is important that the skill level of the one with the least experience should determine the degree of difficulty of the fishing activities that everyone should participate in.

Since Texas has it all, Texas fishing is always the best. Along the Texas Coast, you can very well catch some redfish and speckled trout while offshore fishing. Or catch some smallmouth and largemouth bass and walleyes in the Texas Panhandle. Depending on the time of year of your fishing trip, you can drift live bait, work bigjigs or fish topwaters to catch some tough fighting striped bass at large deep waters with a big forage base, frequently shad. There’s always much more in the way of freshwater and saltwater fishing here

Have freshwater fishing trips in rivers, community fishing lakes and major lakes. You can do some serious saltwater angling from access points and boat ramps, and artificial reefs. The state of Texas requires you to have a valid fishing license with a freshwater or saltwater endorsement to be able to take fish, clams, mussels, crayfish and other aquatic species in its public waters. The annual Free Fishing Day is set for the first Saturday of June each year, which allows any person to fish even without a license. You won’t need a fishing license when angling in waters completely enclosed by a state park, as well as from the bank in such a location. However, the bag and length limits still apply.

A Texas fishing license is required of recreational fishers, along with a saltwater endorsement to take any fish caught ashore in federal waters. You must also have those when bringing fish on a vessel in the state’s tidal waters.

It is good advice to learn the annual calendar along with making fishing trips. The best means of getting vital fishing information is to talk to other anglers and the people serving at bait shops. For the most modern fishing equipment, a fantastic source of genuinely valuable information would be this particular site, while for some inside tips from the locals, you could check out the wonderful forum from the people at Texas Fishing Forum.

Get some useful information from fishing message boards that cover a given location. Check out reports from posts to see what is often caught at specific months. Although you may not get all the activity, you are sure to catch some data you could use. The best spots for angling have not all been discovered by native residents, so it sometimes pays to go with your instincts when you’re curious about a geographic spot.

Also, if you don’t have all you need, we recommend checking Fisher Pants, a very well-written website created by fishermen for fishermen. There you can find reviews on the best fishing rodsreels, combos and even clothes.

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