The Alaskan fly fishing trip

How many reasons does one need to go on a trip to Alaska? For us, we only needed one: salmon! Of course, there are all kinds of fish you can go after in Alaska, but we surely had a taste for salmon and we were not disappointed. You may hear others disappointed of their salmon fishing experience in Alaska, but maybe they didn’t know where to look.

A group of our club members decided they wanted to get their story straight about what fly fishing for salmon in Alaska is all about. First, let us tell you where we went for such an adventure. After comparing various spots and accommodations, we decided for the EPIC Angling and Adventure. Well, the name should say it all … because we really did some epic fishing while we were there. The fishing resort actually has two locations and you can move from one to another in search of fish.

Everything about the place screams fly fishing enthusiasts, so, basically, we felt right at home. Don’t imagine some fancy place with paintings on the wall and thick carpets on the floor. Nothing of the kind can be found there. But we surely did find the perfect home base for salmon fly fishing and that was all we cared about.

We were gone for an entire week in July, the best season for pink salmon, and we were not disappointed. Throughout that week, we caught all kinds of salmon, from pink salmon to chum salmon and sockeye salmon. Summer is the best season for Alaskan salmon, overall, but it is good to know what kind of fish you can get from your fishing trip.

In case you want to catch some king salmon, I recommend going there at the beginning of summer, because by the end of June, you’ll not be able to catch any. We used small herrings for bait, as pink salmon really loves it! We had an entire week to fish and have fun and we caught a lot of fish.

We didn’t use only small fish to lure it the big ones. We discovered after a few tries and fails that sockeye salmon prefers cretaceous treats, so we switched to shrimp and krill, and we managed to catch a few nice ones right away.

I suggest packing some Mustad hooks because salt water does nothing on them. These ones are stainless steel and you can successfully use them for catching salmon.

I hope this little story will motivate you enough to plan a salmon fly fishing trip to Alaska this summer!

2 Delicious Texas Fish Recipes

Among the amazing fishing adventures the club members were involved in recently, the one in Texas was, hands down, the one worth writing home about. With so many places ideal for fishing, everyone was happy to try their hand at catching something and they were not disappointed. Besides the fish they got in their hooks, club members also came home with some delicious fish recipes that are very popular in Texas. Here are two that proved to be everyone’s absolute favorites and you can also try making next time you go fishing in Texas, or anywhere else, where you can catch this type of fish.

Pecan crusted red snapper


Red snapper is one of the many fish you can catch in Texas, and the best part about it is its light mild taste that makes it a hit even with people who do not normally indulge in eating fish because they simply do not like it. Here is a way of making it even more delicious.

You will need 6 fillets of red snapper, boned and cut to be about half an inch thick. For the coating, you will need 2 eggs, one cup of milk, one of flour and canola oil. Separately, you will have to cook the pecan crust.

For the pecan crust, use one cup of breadcrumbs, two cups of pecan pieces and various spices like thyme, basil, oregano and granulated onion and garlic. Mix them on pulse in a blender and place the result on a flat dish.

When you are cooking the fish, dust it first in flour, then in the beaten eggs, and then in the pecan crust. Sauté the fillets until they turn brown and serve with a lemon herb sauce.

Redfish fried 3 way


If you want to fry your fish like a real Texan, try the following recipe. It is called this way, because you use different types of batter for fish fillets.

The first choice is beer batter. Mix one cup of beer with two cups of flour to make the batter and dip your fillets in it, before frying them in oil.

The second choice is mustard batter. Besides the beer and the flour from the previous recipe, use mustard (any kind you like), and one egg. This batter should be refrigerated before usage. After dipping the fillets in it, drag them through some breadcrumbs and fry them. The taste is heavenly.

The last combination is the classic mix of ground cornmeal with egg and milk. Dip your fillets into the cornmeal, then in the beaten eggs mixed with the milk, and then back in cornmeal. The crusty fish will melt in your mouth.